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Commercial Disinfection Services McKinney, TX

Disinfecting Services in Frisco, TX

New Clean DFW is committed to ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for employees, customers, and the McKinney, TX community.

By continually working with business owners by providing disinfecting and sanitizing services and educating in best practices to help keep a safe and healthy environment in commercial facilities against viruses, bacteria, fungus, and mold on surfaces and the air.


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Old Downtown McKinney, TX
Restaurant Disinfection
Restaurant Disinfection

Giving your patrons and staff peace of mind

Classroom Disinfection
Classroom Disinfection

Keep the students and teachers safe

Day Care & Preschool
Day Care & Preschool

Keep the kids and staff safe

Restaurant Disinfection
Restaurant Disinfection

Giving your patrons and staff peace of mind


Commercial Facilities we Serve in McKinney, TX

New Clean DFW works hand-in-hand with business owners and leaders in the McKinney, TX area community. Our trained technician will customize the disinfecting services to your specific needs to ensure the safety and continual support for your staff, consumers, and the community. We provide solutions for the following industries and facilities:

  • ​Daycare Centers

  • Schools

  • College Campus

  • Fitness Centers

  • Dance Studio

  • Office Spaces

  • Warehouse

  • Public Transportation

  • School Buses

  • Vehicles

  • Libraries

  • Retail Stores

  • Hair & Nails Salon

  • Hotels

  • Conference Center

  • Dentist

  • Medical Offices

  • Church

  • Many More...


At New Clean DFW, we offer preventive disinfection services to avoid disruption of your business. By following a layered approach to the disinfection process for maximum effectiveness and continual protection.


Hand wiping: We use microfiber cloths first to wipe down all hard surfaces before disinfection. While microfiber cloths do not kill germs or bacteria, they are very efficient at removing germs and bacteria from surfaces, making the disinfection more efficient.

Disinfection: After hand wiping all surfaces, we will begin our disinfection process utilizing electrostatic technology to apply Vital Oxide to all touch-points, hard and porous surfaces. We use commercial grade Electrostatic backpacks, which provide an efficient but generous amount of disinfectant to ensure products remain wet on the surface for appropriate contact time to kill viruses and bacteria.

Protection: Unlike most disinfection companies who only disinfect. New Clean DFW provides the option of an additional service with a product called surface guard 90. This product will shield surfaces from new virus and bacteria growth for up to 90 days!

New Clean DFW uses chemicals and procedures to ensure the safe application around kids, pets, plants.

Non-Toxic EPA Registered Disinfectant Chemical

The Chemical Vital Oxide is an EPA/CDC-approved hospital-grade disinfectant that’s been clinically tested and proven to kill viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens within 5 minutes of contact.