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Promoting Your Restaurant Service During COVID-19: Marketing for a successful Relaunch

Promoting Your Restaurant Service During COVID-19: Marketing for a successful Relaunch.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, demand for safe practices and processes for retailers and restaurant operators continues to rise in the hope to put customer fears at ease.

Good News: People are looking forward to eating out and have a good time outside their home.

But consumers and employees alike want to visit places that can provide them peace of mind and demand business facilities to apply a higher standard of cleanliness & sanitation than before.

Now more than ever, it is significant for restaurants to prove through explicit action that they are creating a safe environment for both consumers and employees.

As mentioned in our “3 Easy Steps to follow to Disinfecting your Business” we mention how “the infrequent sanitation and disinfection of hard surfaces allow bacteria, viruses & other pathogens to thrive and transfer between your team, vendors, and consumers. It only takes one sick staff member of a consumer to affect your operation.”

Avoid bad press or even restaurant temporary or permanent closure.

Here are a few ways to do just that:

Step 1: Redesigning your Commercial Space

The redesign of your space has to follow the CDC, the FDA, and local governments on recommendations in 6 feet distance between waiting areas and while seated. Some operation process will also need to be changed to follow the recommendations, such as:

  • Changing to a reservation-only system. Having a reservation system can limit the number of people in particular areas of your restaurant.

  • If budget allows, place dividers between tables.

  • Maximize your patio/outdoor seating.

And most importantly promote your new design to your webpage & social media accounts.

Step 2: Keep sanitation Products visible & easily accessible.

Providing disinfecting gel or wipes inside or outside your restaurant doors and training your employees properly to follow sanitation guidelines and always sanitize between consumers.

Contactless hand sanitization station and hands-free door openers. You can find the foot opener pull and the wrist pull option in Amazon and other retailers here.

Offer gloves and masks for consumers and staff in situations that they don’t have or forgot.

Step 3: Building Trust with consumers and community

This year has been challenging for small-business, restaurants, and individuals, and this pandemic has changed the consumer’s behaviors that are going to stick for a long time. Those restaurants and businesses that have added a complete and thorough sanitation process in conjunction with their service quality are most likely to survive the closures and the hardships that those who don’t apply cohesive strategies to protect their staff and consumers from illness.

The better they reposition their practices and marketing of their procedure, will continue to strive even when others are struggling

Below are more ideas in how you can apply and promote your sanitation and protection practices in your restaurant and business:

  • Having disposable paper menus

  • Having QR Code menu, and each table can use their mobile camera to see the menu

  • Upgrading or adding a POS (Point of Service) that is contactless with email receipts.

  • Individually package utensils.

  • If budget allows adding Infrared temperature scans to detect fevers

  • Placing social distancing floor markings and pathways

  • Recurring disinfection services with GBAC-Trained Technicians

Always follow CDC’s Recommended Disinfecting Procedures and Common Sense (Super Power)

The routine sanitization of your space will continue to help prevent the spread of viruses and pathogens while protecting your home and business. Keep following the CDC guidelines and following best practices in cleanliness and sanitizing.

And purchase EPA-registered disinfectants to kill viruses and bacteria.

At New Clean DFW, we offer a recurring disinfecting service plan. You can schedule a monthly or quarterly service and significantly reduce the price for local DFW, Prosper, Celina, Frisco, Allen, McKinney businesses.

Keep your space safe and healthy and save on economics!

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