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UV/C Germicidal Lamp is Best for Disinfecting Homes

Offers a Chemical Free option for residential and commercial disinfection.

The UVC radiation is naturally produced by the sun and doesn’t make it to earth because the ozone layer blocks it. It has the shortest wavelength and the highest energy of all the UV radiation compared to UVA & UVB. A study by the American Journal Infection Control (AJIC) “looked at using a specific UVC light type to kill SARS-CoV-2 on laboratory surfaces. The study found that the UVC light reduced the live coronavirus by 99.7 percent in 30 seconds”. How it works: When the lamp is used for specific amounts of time, UVC light can damage the genetic material — DNA or RNA — in bacteria and viruses, inhibiting their ability to replicate and, in turn, causing their normal cellular functions to break down, explains Chris Olson, a microbiologist, and program manager of Infection Prevention and Emergency Preparedness at UCHealth Highlands Ranch Hospital.


Ultra Violet-C (UV-C) is harmful to skin and eyes. Do not enter a room while a UV-C is being used.

The UV-C Technology light could kill 99.9 percent of SARS-CoV-2, viruses and germs in the air, and nonporous surfaces. Learn More about our services at our webpage


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